Employer Resources

A broad talent pool of new Canadians interested in good jobs in good communities are here in BC. Tap into the resources below to connect with new Canadian professionals and skilled tradespeople.


Free informative workshops were held in March 2015 to provide employers with support in sourcing, hiring and retaining new Canadian professionals and skilled tradespeople.
The workshops provided employers with information on:

  • Why hiring new Canadians is good for business
  • Creating effective and inclusive job descriptions
  • Sourcing and assessing the new Canadian talent pool
  • Creating a welcoming workplace and successfully integrating new Canadians

Participants also received information on immigrant employment HR tools and resources such as online tutorials, tip sheets and webinars from the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) and Human Resources Management Association (HRMA). For more information about these workshops and materials please contact our local partner.

Fort St John

Call : 250 785 6037
Email: info@fsjchamber.com

Prince George

Call: 250 562 2454 ext. 2006
Email: kayli.vandermeer@pgchamber.bc.ca

Prince Rupert

Call: 250 624 9494
Email: dawn@hseds.ca

Free Online Tutorials

A series of five tutorials featuring industry-tested tools, practical tips, videos and resources to help employers attract and hire new Canadians, assess language proficiency, foreign experience, and academic and professional credentials. Learn how to create barrier-free job descriptions and define roles using key knowledge, skills, and abilities. Tips on where to advertise job openings, as well as a list of programs and services that connect employers with qualified immigrant candidates are also featured. Find the tutorials here: www.courses.hrma.ca/

Finding Talent

In British Columbia, we've got a world of talent right here on our doorstep. Companies and organizations that are able to attract, hire, and retain skilled immigrant labour have a competitive advantage in today's global HR marketplace. In this section, you'll find industry-tested tools and resources that will give you an edge in attracting new immigrant talent to your workforce. www.iecbc.ca/employer-tools-and-resources/find-immigrant-talent/ 

Hiring Talent

After you have succeeded in attracting new immigrants, how are you going to assess their applications to make sure you identify the best candidates for the job? Below are tools and resources that can help you identify immigrant talent, avoid screening out strong candidates unnecessarily, and assist in the general hiring process. www.iecbc.ca/employer-tools-and-resources/hire-immigrant-talent/

Retaining Talent

In today's marketplace, it's all about the ROI – Return on Inclusion. Now that you've hired a skilled immigrant employee, learn how to best engage them by providing a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment. The tools and resources in this section will help you smoothly integrate immigrants into your organization, fostering a stronger corporate culture, reduced turnover, and ability to tap into a world of ideas. www.iecbc.ca/employer-tools-and-resources/retain-immigrant-talent/


IEC-BC offers regular webinars to help employers with hiring new Canadians. Visit this page to view previous webinars or register for upcoming: www.iecbc.ca/iec-bc-webinars/

MentorConnect Program

The MentorConnect program brings together skilled immigrants and established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships.

To become a MentorConnect employer or for more information, contact mentorconnect@iecbc.ca or call 604 629 5364. www.iecbc.ca/our-work/programs/mentorconnect/

Connector Program

The Connector Program is a simple and effective referral program that helps new immigrants build professional networks and connect with local job opportunities, while increasing employers' access to top-tier talent who may not make it in through regular recruiting channels. Join the Connector program today! Email us at connector@iecbc.ca or phone us at 604 629 5364. www.iecbc.ca/our-work/programs/connector/

Other Resources

Human Resources Management Association: www.hrma.ca